Pray for Charleston, Pray for Peace


Join us as we hold the Charleston, South Carolina community in the light as they make sense of a senseless act of violence committed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last night. 

The United Methodist Church has put together resources on responding to violence. Please share with those who may find them helpful:

We must pray for Peace and for Justice for all people in the forms of Safety, Equality, Freedom.  Please pray radically - for the families and for the haters  - we must ask God to bring light to the darkness in all of us - to save us all. 

My heart is too heavy to write more today.  Next week, I'll update you on "Congregations for a Better Bergen" - the faith-based community organization we are joining.  Together, we can work to bring Justice to our neighbors who are suffering - so that Bergen County may be a beacon of light to the world.

In the meantime, please pray for Peace.



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