Miracles Everywhere


This fall we join with the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference in finding miracles everywhere! We find them in young people going to a life-changing weekend event and accepting Christ, in college students joining campus ministries, in schools built in Tanzania and in rebuilding communities destroyed by hurricanes. These are just some of the amazing projects that will be supported through the Miracles Everywhere campaign.

In connection with our yearly stewardship campaign, we invite you to give above and beyond to help our united churches in New Jersey accomplish something amazing. We plan to:

  • add 9,000 students to camping, campus and IGNITE ministries

  • speed recovery in hurricane hit areas by send missions teams to Puerto Rico and working with UMCOR

  • build a school for pastors, a school for children and a health clinic in Tanzania

  • create affordable housing, job training and social services for New Jersey residents

See the Miracles Everywhere brochure for details on the 5.2 million dollar campaign and fill in this year’s commitment card mailed to members or found in the back of the church during worship. God bless and thank you for going the second mile in this year’s stewardship campaign!