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349 Hillsdale Ave,  Hillsdale,  New Jersey 07642 - 201-664-5231


The Hillsdale United Methodist Church is a faith community,
offering opportunities to all people seeking to know God,
advance God's kingdom, and do God's will, by following Jesus Christ

Senior Pastor:  Brian Neville:  HillsdalePastor@gmail.com  201-664-1533

Senior Pastor:  Brian Neville: 

HillsdalePastor@gmail.com  201-664-1533

Office Administrator:  Cathy D'Eletto HillsdaleNJumc@gmail.com  201-664-5231

Office Administrator:  Cathy D'Eletto

HillsdaleNJumc@gmail.com  201-664-5231


  • Special Sunday, April 19 - Native American Ministries -Together, we empower local spiritual development and educate Native American seminary students to serve God faithfully.
  • FOOD DRIVE! CUMAC Feinstein Challenge - We will collect food in baskets in the Narthex at the Apr 26 Sunday Service for CUMAC.  Every dollar (or pound of food) you donate to CUMAC between Mar 1 -Apr 30 will be augmented by a grant from the Feinstein Foundation. Your gift will feed people now, and again this summer when the grant comes in!
  • FAMILY PROMISE OF BERGEN COUNTY - HIKE OR BIKE:  HIKE OR BIKE 2015 to benefit homeless families will be held on Sunday, May 3rd beginning at 1:00 pm at Van Neste Square in Ridgewood.  This fundraiser, sponsored by Family Promise of Bergen County, includes a 3 mile walk, or a 3 or 15 mile bike ride.  Individuals, groups and whole families can provide support by asking their families and friends and fellow parishioners to sponsor them.  At the end of the route there will be a celebration with an afternoon of music, food, games and prizes.  For more information call the FP Office (201-833-8009) or visit their website:  bergenfamilypromise.org

  • Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity -  Mark the dates:  June 4th, June 5th, June 12th June 13th and August 14th as Family Promise will support working families with children who are temporarily homeless (up to 14 people). Congregation members can participate in this outreach by preparing and serving dinner, staying overnight, supervising and joining in after dinner activities with the children and donating items for breakfast and bag lunches.  Contact Pat Martin to sign-up.

  • iPlay America Youth Excursion - Saturday, May 16.  Pat Martin and 3 additional chaperones will bring 16 kids to iPlay America in Freehold NJ for an afternoon of fun and games.  The cost is $8.  Meet at the church at 9:45 am.  Visit iPlayAmerica.com for specific information.  Contact Pat Martin to sign-up - first come/first served.

  • Rummage Sale - Special Worth Items:   Tammy Molinelli will be selling items worth $50 and over on eBay.  These can be brought to church on April 26 and May 3 & 10 for Tammy to assess. If you have any questions, please call Tammy directly.

  • Rummage Sale - Drop Off Donations:  Please save your gently used and new items: clothes, household goods, toys, games, jewelry, books, linens, kitchenware, knick-knacks, etc. and bring your items to Fellowship Hall on May 13 and 14 10-Noon, 1-3 pm, or 5-7 pm for our annual Rummage Sale.

  • Rummage Sale - Sales Hours: May 15 9 am- 6 pm and May 16 9 am to 4 pm.  All proceeds go to the UMW Charities.  Baked goods can be purchased to support our Youth programs.

  • 2015 Congregational Survey Results - click here to download the presentation. Contact Pastor Brian to discuss.

  • Kickstart Your Faith:  We are serious about making disciples and want to help all experience a kickstart to their faith.  We will be holding a 6-week course starting in just a few weeks combining food, fellowship and short videos by Rob Bell.  This year's group is for those who may be interested in exploring faith basics. Contact the office if you are interested.


WHAT IS GREEN FAITH?  This is our capital campaign to reduce energy usage in our church.  It consists of two parts:  updating our lighting and air conditioning, and installing new windows in the sanctuary.  With government grants we are spending $25,000 for work valued at over $60,000.  Help us reach our goal by making a donation.  You can place checks or cash in an envelope marked “green faith” and hand them in the collection plate or the office, or donate electronically by clicking on e-giving here, or at the bottom of this website.

Click on this image to download the VBS Pre-registration form

Click on this image to download the VBS Pre-registration form

A gallery of recent events at Hillsdale United Methodist Church


Knowing God through Worship Experiences

Our worship service is the primary way for us to experience God first hand. We gather together to sing, pray, and hear God's word. We: experince God's grace in the sacraments of baptism & communion; learn about God's love and will for us; explore the scriptures to better understand who God is.

Sunday 10 am

The worship service is followed by a coffee hour in our fellowship hall. 

Sunday Worship Child Care 9:40 am

The nursery is available starting at 9:40 am. child care is provided in the nursery in the education building on the 2nd floor. Please see an usher in the sanctuary if you have any questions on Sunday morning.


Sunday School 10 am

Sunday School is available for children ages 3 years old through high school. Regular sessions run from September through June in the education building and a one-room summer session runs July-August. Children begin the service in worship and are dismissed to their classrooms following the children's moment. 





A great way for kids to develop a foundation in understanding who God is and what Jesus has to do with our day-to-day lives.

Sunday School sessions run from September through June in the education building and a one-room Summer session runs July through August. Children begin the service in worship and are dismissed to their classrooms following the children's moment.  Click here for the Sunday School registration form.

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April Series: “Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven”

April Series: “Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven”

Sunday, Apr 19, 2015

Sermon: 13:24-30, 36-43 "The Furnace of Fire", text

"Prayers of the People"

"Dante's Inferno - a dramatic presentation" 

performed by C. Molinelli & M. Theilmeier

"Stewardship Moment - GreenFaith" by Mike Schoelles

"Where Still Waters Flow" performed by the Chancel Choir

"I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" performed by the Chancel Choir


Washing Hands.jpg

Sunday, Apr 12, 2015 - Mission Sunday

Special Sermon & Response with Kate Duggan,

Executive Director - Family Promise of Bergen County

Sermon: Matthew 9:9-13 "Family Promise"

"Blessings" performed by T. Conti, R. Frasche

* * * * *

Sunday, Apr 5, 2015 - Easter Sunday

Sermon: John 20:1-20 "What Is Resurrection?"text

Easter Litany

"Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" performed by J. Hampton

"Beautiful Things" performed by the Sacred Messengers

"How Can I Keep From Singing" 

"Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices" 

performed by the Chancel Choir;  accompanied by J. Hampton & J. Lavitol

"He is Risen Like He Said" performed by T. Conti, R. Frasche, M. Lavitol

"Easter Benediction" Pastor Brian Neville

The Chancel Choir rehearsals are held Wednesdays, September-June, 7:00 pm to 8:30pm in the church.

The Sacred Messengers Choir rehearses the same Wednesdays, but at 8:45pm in the church.

New members are welcome and encouraged to join! Prior musical experience is helpful, but not necessary.

All voice types are needed - but most especially, we need more male voices (tenor & bass) to help balance out the ensemble.

To learn more, speak with Ray Frasche, Tammy Conti, Mike Lavitol or any choir member.

Learn more about Music Theory: Ricci Adams' musictheory.net

The Chancel Choir is practicing these songs now:

Click here for our Music and Sermon Schedule

Click here for a list of our Chancel Choir Performances on YouTube


Advancing God's Kingdom

Outreach & Mission are the things we do that help other people. We don't do them to help our church, or to help ourselves. We seek to build the kingdom of God by restoring the lives of broken people.

Ministries that Advance the Kingdom of God

  • The Helping Hand Food Pantry which offers food to over 400 families and individuals in the Pascack Valley every month.  Call 201-664-0600 if you, or someone you know, need food assistance, 
  • CUMAC/ECHO serves Paterson NJ with a pantry, thrift store, soup kitchens, tutoring, literacy programs, and more.
  • Family Promise offers food and shelter to the homeless or those with transitional housing needs.
  • Public Theology Advocates is a new ministry in our church, working for social justice in the Pascack Valley and beyond.
  • UMC Special Sundays are special collection offerings dedicated to global UMC missions and ministries, supporting disaster relief around the world, students who need money for school, and peace and justice ministries in the USA.
  • Once a year in May, we do a "Change the World" event where a variety of small projects add up to something extraordinary.

Advancing God's Kingdom by Helping the Church

We help others with our time, our talent, and our tithe. Consider devoting some of yours to one of our ministries in the church.

  • Worship services are supported by Ushers, "First Friends", Greeters, the Worship Planning Team, Sunday School teachers, the Music Ministry and the Connections Ministry.
  • Administrative committees include the Church Council, Staff/Parish Relations, Finance, Trustees, and Nominations.
  • Other ministries include:  the Family Ministry creating events for all ages;  Vacation Bible School; Bible Studies; Men's and Women's groups; Prayer Shawl; the Caring Ministry which visits our home-bound; our Mixed Bowling League, and more.
  • Click here to visit Our Ministries page.  To learn more about any of our ministries, contact the ministry leads or the church office.

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Do God's Will

Doing God's will is about developing yourself for whatever you may encounter in life. We believe this happens best through sustained relationships between people who take time to encourage one another and build each other up.

Opportunities to Connect with Others and with God 

  • Short term studies are a great place to start. Try the Making Sense of the Bible class in the fall or Kickstart in the spring.
  •  Learn more with topical studies after church or a weekend at Emmaus.
  • Experience discipleship through a group that points you to Christ. Join a UMW circle, Disciple Bible Study or be a part of the pastor’s spiritual development group.
  • Click here to visit Our Ministries page.  To learn more about any of our ministries, contact the ministry leads or the church office.

Kickstart Your Faith:  We are serious about making disciples and want to help all experience a kickstart to their faith.  We will be holding a 6-week course starting in just a few weeks combining food, fellowship and short videos by Rob Bell.  This year's group is for those who may be interested in exploring faith basics. Contact the office at 201-664-5231 if you are interested.


Doing God’s Will through Small Group Ministry and Bible Study

In order for people in our church to grow and to continue on the path that God has for us, we need each other to offer encouragement and support. This happens at Hillsdale United Methodist Church through small groups and bible studies.

We offer two short term studies as an introductory class on the Bible (Making Sense and Kickstart). There are a variety of studies offered throughout the year based on sermon series or felt needs of the congregation. Any of these would make for a great place to meet people who will help you grow in your faith. The best way to grow, though, is through a covenant group, which is any group that meets on an ongoing basis for discipleship and spiritual encouragement. Call the church office to find your place that helps you do God’s will.


Exploring Discipleship

What exactly is discipleship?  People will explain it in different ways, but here at Hillsdale United Methodist Church we think of discipleship as growing more in love with God.  This is our goal for everyone that enters the doors of our church; we want you to know and love God better every day! So how do we do that? Love can't be forced on someone, so how can those in our church grow to love God more?  We think everyone is different and that means there is no formula for discipleship, but there are plenty of ways we can help you on your journey. It takes a challenge to grow, so below are a variety of ways in which you can experience God and even help others to do the same. 


Covenant Groups

There are many ways this can happen, but we are aiming to create groups in our church where people covenant with one another to care for each other.  This means meeting on a regular basis and asking the historic Wesleyan question “How is it with your soul?” John Wesley, who founded Methodism, gathered people in small groups specifically so they could grow in spiritual maturity. Covenant groups are designed to help people live out their faith so that people are permanently changed as they do God’s will. What group are you in that helps you grow?

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Inspiring and Nurturing Our Future 

We are always learning with our youth, and in the process, we are lifting up our future as God's Children together! Click each heading to learn more about individual groups. 

Sunday School (3-yr-olds to 8th grade):  This Sunday morning program ministers to our littlest Methodists. Teachers lead the children in crafts, lessons, and more. Each Sunday they are dismissed to class from worship in the sanctuary. 

Vacation Bible School: For one week each summer, our church is devoted to an epic adventure for all children ages 4-11, with one goal - That the children of our neighborhood experience the love of God and the nurturing support of our church. 

Confirmation Class (usually 7th-8th grade):  Confirmation class meets on a monthly basis to build community among our young people and to help them understand what it means to be a member of the church. After this two year process confirmands are welcomed into the church as full members and can serve on any ministry or committee.

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Youth Group (9th-12th grade):  Youth meet monthly for fun, events, and trips around the area. 

Hillsdale United Nursery School (2 1/2-4): Hillsdale United Nursery School is a full-licensed, nonsectarian, and non-profit preschool. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your children. We provide enriching opportunities every day so students reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively within their learning environment. 

Family Ministry (all ages): This group creates fun events for all families. Movie nights, bingo, and dinner are just a few of the special events they put together.

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