FAQ for Guests

Frequently Asked Questions about Weekly Worship

Starting April 21st, 2019!

Sunday 9:30am

The Sunday morning worship service is a traditional service, with hymns, liturgy, a choir and a sermon. There are contemporary elements, with occasional songs that include a variety of instruments. The worship service is followed by a time of fellowship with a coffee hour in the fellowship hall. Children begin the service in worship and are dismissed to their classrooms following the children's moment.

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Sunday School for Children 9:30am

The nursery is available for children under 3 starting at 9:15 am (second floor of the education building). Sunday School is available for ages 3 years old through High School. Children start in the sanctuary at the start of worship and then head to Sunday School after the announcements. Please see an usher in the sanctuary if you have any questions on Sunday morning and they will be sure to help.

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Sunday 11am

Our church is trying something new. As of April 21st we have a second worship service with a different feel and flow. Some call it modern, contemporary, informal or ancient/future. Whatever you want to call it we want people to be engaged in worshipping God with their whole selves, from the moment they wake up to the moment they lay down. This new worship service invites participation, collaboration and friendship. There will be a band leading worship, simple prayers and acts of worship, coffee and food, along with a sermon that we hope will feel more like a conversation. We invite you to come and check it out!

Sunday School for Children 11am

Children will begin worship in the Fellowship Hall with everyone else. After we sing a few songs, the children, ages 4 to 11, will be dismissed to Sunday School downstairs. Younger children will remain in worship and can use the play area in the back of the hall. Older youth, 12 to 18, are expected to remain in worship unless they would like to volunteer to be a mentor in the Sunday School program.

What do I Wear?

Wear whatever you want. Some people dress up, some dress comfortably. Around Christmas and Easter people tend to dress up more. We don't care too much what you wear; we just care that you come and join us.

Where do I Go in the Church?

There is a parking lot across Magnolia Avenue. We also made a map of our building you can check out before you get here. Click for directions.

What We Believe

United Methodists believe in a holy heart and holy deeds. We do things that help us love God and we try our best to love our neighbor, too. This is what we believe helps to build God's kingdom here on earth.

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Methodists find themselves within the general, classic stream of Christian thinking.  Perhaps of equal importance to a set of beliefs is what we do because of what we believe.

Here's specific steps of what we do because of our beliefs:

1. We worship together on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning. This is how we connect to God and get energized for ministry.
2. We join small groups! Methodists originated small group ministry with bands and societies that met for encouragement in spiritual growth. We have several groups ranging from Bible Study to singing groups. We also have bowling, cardplaying and babywearers for fun! We try to have something for everyone, and invite people to join a small group so we can get to know one another as we encourage each other to do God's will. You can find a list of ministries and small groups here
3. We change the world by helping others. There are several opportunities available from our food pantry, to helping CUMAC in Paterson or volunteering with Family Promise, which helps homeless families in need. Ministry for others changes their lives, but it also changes us. Contact us for more information.

If you would like to join Hillsdale United Methodist Church as a member, please contact the Pastor.

Find out more about our mission and beliefs

Read a post from our church blog below. You'll find posts from leaders and staff at church

Pastoral Services

Pastors serve many functions in the church. If you are interested in one of the services provided please let us know!


Holy Communion

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, encouraged people to take communion as often as they could.  At church we have communion on the 1st Sunday of the month but you can also have it by request at any point. If you want it, let us know!



The birth of a child is a special occasion and in the church we mark it with baptism to declare the child as God's child! Set a date and meet with the pastor to have your special occasion at our church.



You want the right place and the right minister to have your wedding. Consider our church in Bergen County, New Jersey for your special occasion. Download our printable brochure and contact us.



The death of a loved one can be one of the most painful experiences. If you would like the presence of the pastor after the death of a family member or close friend, call the pastor directly at 201-664-1533. Contact us by email or phone to discuss funeral services.



Becoming a member of Hillsdale United Methodist Church requires two meetings with the pastor to review ministry and theology. Youth under 16 participate in the confirmation classes.


Pastoral Visitation

Our pastor visits people who are hospitalized, homebound or who simply want a visit in their home. 


Pastoral Counseling

Though Pastor Brian is not a trained therapist, he can offer some helpful insights on topics such as faith, marriage and grief. He can also refer you to a specialist, if needed.


Other Services

Blessing of a Home, Prayer, Discuss Theology, Financial Help, Staff Concerns, Ministry and Facility Issues, Community Concerns and the Pastor's Blog