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Online Subscriptions - You Can Make A Difference!

Some churches in our District have moved to a strict online policy for their newsletters eliminating the need to print and mail, but we understand that not all people have their own personal computer and printer.  

“The Open Door” is well-read and anticipated by our Congregation, and has been a vital tool in helping our Congregation better understand the church ministries and activities.  And it has been an excellent way for persons who love our church but have moved away, to stay informed and in touch.  

With this in mind, we have honored the traditional print “The Open Door” in style and look, even as we’ve created a beautiful online version. We need not sacrifice one for the other, and we need not take away the print version from the people who’ve cherished it for so long. 

There are many advantages to becoming an online subscriber:

  • You can read “The Open Door’ before it prints!  
  • You can read on any electronic device.
  • You can print the PDF copy in 8.5x11 format - suitable for any printer.
  • You can share “The Open Door” articles and images easily with your friends and family.
  • The images are crisp and clear and beautiful.
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANT!  You will help us save in office expenses while being an active Environmental Steward.  In 2015, we achieved an annual savings of $322 with 62 online subscribers & 4 pickups at the office!

 So please, fill out and send this coupon back to:

The Open Door editor, Hillsdale United Methodist Church, 349 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale NJ 07642  

Thank you for your continued support of “The Open Door” and all our ministries.

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