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The NAACP is organizing a 40-day march called Journey for Justice, beginning in Selma on August 1 and ending at Capitol Hill in DC on September 16.  The march will focus on justice issues, like voting rights, hard-fought victories that are currently being threatened and eroded.  We are also marching for justice in the criminal system, justice in the environment, and justice in fair living wages.

I will be joining three rabbi’s from the NYC area in LaGrange, GA on Sunday, Aug 9th, marching 20 miles during the day in extreme heat and humidity. 

Why are we traveling so far, paying our own expenses, to march a great distance in crazy weather?  Because we believe in God’s call for us to take a stand for Justice for All.  This is not a race thing – this is a human thing!  We are not there to fight the local authorities – we are there to bear witness and be a support to the local people in need of Justice.  We are participating in a biblical 40 day journey of Peace and Justice for all people.

It is my hope that I will learn from these people by listening to their stories, and in experiencing this march I wish to be a presence of God’s love for all humanity.

So … please pray for us – pray that we have the strength to march these miles – pray for a cooling gentle wind and a break in the temperatures – pray that what we do will make a difference.  Amen!

Please follow these links to learn more, and let me know if you are planning to attend any of the marches or want more information.  Please look for news of the march in the news, and share with me your thoughts – pro or con.  Let’s have a discussion about these important justice issues.

NAACP link:

Reform Judaism/Religious Action Center link:

I continue to ask that you pray for me in the role of Public Theology Advocate as I take a stand for justice.  Respond to this blog, or contact me directly, with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about social justice in the Pascack Valley region.


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